Paperwork and Physical Dates

Prior to participation in a College of the Canyons athletics team, all student-athletes must complete the below paperwork: 

New Athlete Physical Form
Emergency Card
Verification of Insurance
Informed Consent and HIPAA Release
Minor Release
Concussion Education and Acknowledgement

All forms must be completed and signed by the student-athlete, as well as his/her parent/guardian if student-athlete is under 18. Please bring all the completed forms to the athletic training clinic in East PE 003. Make sure to bring your health care insurance card with you, so we can make a copy for your Insurance Verification form. All forms remain in a locked cabinet. 

At the beginning of each athletic season, College of the Canyons brings in a team of physicians to examine each incoming student-athlete. If you are unable to make your sport's scheduled date, you may go to your own physician or to SCV Quality Care. SCV Quality Care provides physicals for COC athletes for a discounted price of $40. The examining physician must complete the New Athlete Physical Form. IMPORTANT: Only physicals by a licensed medical physician (MD, DO), will be accepted. Physicals by chiropractors, podiatrists, or any other health care professional will not be accepted. 

Baseline Testing
College of the Canyons has a Concussion Protocol that includes mandatory baseline testing of all of our high risk sports prior to participation in intercollegiate practices and competition. Team baseline testing dates are set with the respective team's head coach. If you miss the team baseline testing date then you must schedule an appointment with a staff athletic trainer. IMPORTANT: A cleared physical, copy of the front and back of a student-athlete's current insurance card (if they have insurance), and valid baseline testing data must be on file with the athletic training clinic PRIOR to participation in any intercollegiate practices, workouts, or competitions.